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2019 Swim Power Test


Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, headquartered out of Colorado Springs, analyzes, shares and helps swimmers all over the world. Now he will bring his vast expertise to Zionsville to help you!  Dr G. has worked with Olympians, Michael Phelps, DaraTorres, Jason Lezak, Pter Vanderkaay and many more.
Dr G. will present his findings from over the years to the entire group for the first 60 minutes and then test your swimming in the pool.
Saturday, May 11th
Swim Power Test Discussion: 8:00am - 9:00am
Registration fee: $5 per Swimmer

15 Minute Appointments : 9:30am - 6:00pm
The additional cost paid directly to Dr. G-See below
Beginning at 9:30am Dr. G will start testing swimmers with the Swim Power Test.  Each test will take about 15 minutes per stroke.  You will pay Dr G separatedly or the tests by check or cash.

- 1stroke - $75

- 2 strokes - $125

- 3 strokes - $175

- 4 strokes - $200

- 60 min individual session - $350

- 90 min individual session - $450

- 120 min individual session - $500

Included in the SWIM POWER TEST:
 Measures and analyzes changes in velocity, force, acceleration, and power at each phase of a test subject’s stroke.
 Measures and analyzes 24-32 parameters 60 times/second depending on the complexity of the swim stroke.
 Synchronizes measured results with digital underwater video for real time visual analysis and review.
 Clearly / visually identifies strengths and weaknesses in a test subject’s technique.
 Compares test subject’s swimming technique with a database of the world’s best swimmers.
 Provides tailored recommendations, drills and sets to improve technique and competitive performance.
 Provides a comprehensive CD / DVD containing test results for easy review.
The standard GST SWIM POWER TEST protocol for freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke includes three 25 yard efforts at race pace; 1) Pull with buoy, 2) Kick, 3) Swim, and takes approximately 10 minutes per swimmer. Normally, GST SWIM POWER TEST protocols for breaststroke do not include a pull position. Individual analysis, discussion and recommendations follow testing.